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Originally this project was done for the end client utilizing a more standardized blockout vinyl fabric, printed within specs at a very impressive low price considering the square footage, welded together and when complete had a footprint of 70' x 70' without the night version of the earth. Because that was so impressive and was seen in major cities not just in the United States, but also in lots of large foreign cities, a request came in from the former Soviet Union.

The request was to make it out of fabric and make it bigger and of course Able Sage was there to make it happen. With an incredibly tight deadline for such a large project, that required a process called Dye Sublimation, work began before the specially chosen fabric even arrived. To print, heat transfer (or sublimate) into the fabric and then tile the large pieces (most were at least 90" x 600" give or take) required a very talented team.

Able Sage brought this team together along with a representative from the client to guide and answer questions along the way, as well as jump in and help where needed, to insure things moved along. As with any project there were a couple hiccups along the way, but Able Sage, the client's rep and the team perserveered and along with some additional incentives to get it done early, got it done and crated just in time to get on the plane that was leaving a day early with all the other items needed for the event in Russia. All in all another successful project by Able Sage and it's team of pre-press, printers, suppliers, seamstresses (thanks ladies) and general production crew!

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