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Holiday Party Extravaganza

You have to love it when someone you entirely enjoy working with always thinks of you when they are planning another large Holiday Party for one of the biggest companies in Portland. This party was no exception. They were budget conscious, but wanted to have the greatest impact possible. This was a necessity due to the awesome graphics being provided and the location of the event. If you have ever been in the old Montgomery Park Building, renovated back in 1985, you will know what I am talking about. With the almost 9 story atrium entry way and the large entertainment space available, it is definitely the place to show your employees your appreciation with one hell of a shindig.

Considering the size of the building vs the size of the budget, creative use of large format print materials was necessary to keep it on budget.

Starting with the large 66’ x 6’ ceiling banners we used a combination of a black backed lightweight banner material (normally reserved for billboards) and printed at a billboard mode of 150dpi. The plan was to have the banners hang from the ceiling staggered to frame the stairs. For the smaller banners we printed at a higher resolution of 600 dpi on blockout banner material so that guests on the showroom floor could see the fine detailing up close. As you can see here the challenge to change the space from a large office building to a place where you want to party the night away to, was successful. It was so successful that the client continues to come back for other large events where they want to really put on the ritz.

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