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Events can be a very stressful ordeal for everyone. From the people putting them on to the people helping to make it a success. That's where Able Sage comes into the picture.

Able Sage owner, Dallas Roemeling, with over 15 years of experience both on the event organization side and the graphics supplying side knows what you are going through and wants to make it easier on you, your staff/volunteers and himself. The way that Able Sage is able (pardon the pun) to do that is by offering as much consulting as it takes in the layout and final production services.

Over the past 12 years Dallas has been involved with the Bite of Oregon, which benefits the Special Olympics of Oregon. Besides loving to help figure out solutions for great non-profit companies, he also does it because his sister has Down's Syndrome and was a Special Olympian herself.

This past year was no exception, as Dallas and Able Sage brought all it's tools along. From networking and introducing Portland Pedal Power to SOOR to help provide both a marketing vehicle (again with the puns) and delivery of the Menu Items to be judged at the event. PPP is a local sustainable food delivery bike service that Able Sage provides the graphics that install on the custom built delivery bikes. Able Sage helps with consulting on the best and appropriately budgeted signage to the design/layout and final production of the banners, menu's, directional signage, etc. even down to deliveries so the crew could continue installing as they were received. From start to finish Able Sage is with you the entire way.

What makes this event so interesting is the coordination of all the people involved to make the event signage happen. Working hand in hand with the SOOR staff, volunteers, interns, the food vendors themselves to some of the major sponsors requires a lot of forethought, not to mention patience, planning and sometimes a firm deadline to be sure it can all happen. This is just what Dallas at Able Sage did and has done over the past decade to insure that the event is as successful as it possibly can be.

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