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When a client calls up and says “hey I have something that’s unusual, large, and travels at high speeds that I wondered if you could put graphics on”, Able Sage's curiosity was piqued. Turns out the client, a long time graphic designer and artist, had a client they knew Able Sage could help and didn't hesitate in calling.

The project was 3 parts, one part simple graphics in a nice A-Frame that could be used again and again to inform the public about what they were looking at. The other 2 parts (This is where it gets interesting) were putting graphics on a Russian MiG 21UM.

If the MiG 21UM was going to actually fly, which it does, the graphics would have been produced and installed with certified 3M ScotchPrint™ aviation digital graphics material and installers, which we can and will provide when the time comes, but for now it's all for the show!!!

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