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Able Sage's Dallas was heading back from a long 5 day weekend in southern Oregon, when the phone rang. One of his agency clients had a custom trophy they needed help producing for a photo shoot in LA. What does that have to do with signage & graphics you may ask, well consider it just a small custom 3D Sign. The trick with this was that it was the Wednesday before the 3-day 4th of July weekend and it was needed the following Tuesday the 5th.

Most of the work was in the first day, in regards to actual fabrication solutions. After discussing various materials, Able Sage decided to use automobile gloss painted MDF for the main 3D part, plotter cut black and white vinyl applied to a flat cut "#1" that set into the recessed area of the 3D #1 on both sides. For the 'ribbon' part, aluminum was cut and welded together with supporting pieces, and metal rods were used as stand off's that would adhere to the rare earth magnets that had been put inside of the 3D #1. The magnets allowed the 'ribbon' to be taken on and off as needed for the photo shoot. As is with these kinds of projects, at the last minute it was decided that the lettering that would go on the ribbon needed to be 3D lettering, the quickest and best looking way to do this was with laser cut red acrylic letters with adhesive on the back for mounting.

Not only did Able Sage complete it early (originally had until the 7th, but hoped for the 5th), but was able to produce a custom box so it could either be carried on the plane or shipped overnight and could be used to transport it over and over to various locations around the world for photo opportunities.

Both the client and Dallas were thrilled on the outcome.

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