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Oregon Sports Awards

When a client of many years comes to you and says that they need help making a prestigious annual sports award event a one-of-a-kind, it’s time to get down to business. The client, a sporting event company, needed to have a series of banners, photo backdrops, sidewall graphics, decals, and more for the annual Oregon Sports Awards. This event is held on the Nike headquarters campus every year.

We decided to meet on the Nike campus, in the Tiger Woods building. The reception area has a rotunda where the athletes, dignitaries, and guests would meet and share stories. We immediately knew that placing banners and signage would have the most vital and immediate impact. The banners would be displayed in a circle, double sided with graphics, to show past recipients, coaches & athletes alike. Another important element to include in the rotunda would be graphic backdrops for photo ops that could be used year after year, which will ultimately save them money long term.

After the rotunda we walked into the Stanford Theatre where the ceremony would take place. We identified multiple key areas where banners, decals, and backdrops would be placed. The client asked if the product Recycle Board, that we had worked with before could be used instead of banners in the theatre. We determined however that it would be better to use banners with pole pockets for two reasons: Saving money and time. Using Recycle Board would not have worked due to the restrictions for the space.

On the night of the event the guests gathered into the reception area under the colorful Rotunda banners. They filed in past the large photo backdrop at the entrance to the auditorium. The impact of the graphics was immediate. From the Hanging Stage & Wall banners to the small detail of the OSA decal on the podium, the entire series of signage and graphics made an incredible impression from beginning to end.

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