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Bridge Not too Far

For years Portland International Raceway (PIR) had the same dilapidated Track Bridge graphics overlooking the cars as they shot underneath it. PIR wanted something new, but needed a way to pay for it. Seeking sponsorship is not always the easiest thing, but PIR was able to negotiate a deal with Bi-Mart, since PIR attendees are some of it’s target audience.

Dallas having worked for years with Track Management was brought in to see what would be the most economical & longest lasting solution to cover the old graphics with the Bi-Marts message. The client suggested a large ‘sticker’ could be printed and applied over the old hand painted plywood. After being advised that this would not work without replacing all of the plywood, thus incurring unnecessary costs. The solution was to print at a Medium resolution & clear coat for longer lasting color, on a 12.5oz vinyl banner. With a size averaging 173’ x 12.5’ on both sides and being generally viewed from a distance, this was more than sufficient.

To install the banner we utilized cranes, wood slats and mechanical fasteners. To withstand the Oregon wind and rain it was secured over and around the lap/time electronic boards. Speaking of rain, scheduling around the track’s availability was one thing, but contending with the weather was another, since most events at a race track can only happen in better weather. By no surprise, dry conditions are also the best time for installing anything, especially a 200+ lb custom banner. Despite all the scheduling challenges both sides were put up in time for all the summer festivities and races.

While only meant to be up for a year or 2, with the inks guaranteed for 1 year, the banner has now been up for over 2 years and is still looking great and holding steady. Overall the client was very pleased with the outcome and we have continued to work on many additional projects.

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