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Usually if you hear the old adage ‘what comes around goes around’ it’s not a good thing, but in this case it was. A project from years past had come back for another go, and once again we were up for the challenge. An agency client had reached out on behalf of Nike to redo it’s custom ‘restricted area’ signs. By coincidence, we had worked on the same project years earlier with a sustainably produced material. The client also wanted a custom wall paper installed.

After doing a site survey with the agency and end client it was time to discuss the best options for production and installation. For the restricted area signs it was decided it needed to be a premium adhesive back vinyl material with laminate. Dallas came up with the idea to use a new green product called HP PVC Free Wall Paper, that is not only water activated for installation and removal, but can be recycled when done with it.

On the day of the installation the client watched in awe as the sign was being mounted and installed. Not only did the client enjoy the process, but so did other workers walking by that stopped to watch. Impressed by the overall professionalism of the project, discussions began about a subsequent project involving covering up the windows for their ‘Think Tanks’ used for team brainstorming sessions.

Pictures of that awarded job will be posted later.

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